Anti-wrinkle & Lifting Face Serum with Chios mastic

Immediately effective and active serum, based on the complex of vitamin E & mastic. It acts in the deeper layers of the skin by blocking free radicals, resulting in the prevention of skin relaxation that causes wrinkles and skin aging. Macadamia nuts in combination with thermal water stimulate cell tissues. They strengthen the collagen fibers of the skin, smoothing the wrinkles and resulting in an immediate lifting effect, while at the same time the skin is deeply nourished and hydrated.


Shake well before use and apply the serum with gentle circular movements all over the face. Then use your moisturizer for total hydration.


Chios Mastic, Mastic Oil, Keramos Chios Thermal Water, Squalene, Hyacinth, Liftessense Lifting, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Essential Oil*, Macadamia Nuts*, Rosemary Essential Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Rice Bran Oil

*Biological agriculture

Good to know: paraben free, mineral oil free, cruelty free, propylene glycol free, ethanolamines free, triethanolamine free

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