24-hour Moisturising Cream with Chios mastic & olive oil

Ginkgo extracts have a regulatory effect on dry skin while preserving water balance in the tissues, thus diffusing and stabilizing hydration in the areas between the cells. At the same time, apricot extracts rich in glycosides and amygdalin soften the skin, maintaining its natural elasticity. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of mastic, vitamin E complex and olive oil, keep the skin youthful and firm.


Use Moisturant daily, at any time of the day, applying with gentle circular movements on the face and neck. The hydration you will feel is amazing.


Chios Mastic, mastic oil, olive oil, avocado, ginkgo, vitamin A complex, vitamin E complex, apricot essential oil *, tea tree oil * and aloe vera

*Biological agriculture

Good to know: paraben free, mineral oil free, cruelty free, propylene glycol free, ethanolamines free, triethanolamine free


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